Gainful activity

Residence permit for the purpose of Gainful Activity

Gainful activity is mainly focusing on company formation in accourdance with the establishment of management.

It is important to emphasize that a foregin business owner, whose company is registered in Hungary receives an EU VAT number that is  mandatory for operating.

We recommend our services particularly for those who want to expand their busineses and target new makerts accordingly.

The residence permit for the pursoit of gainful activity might be favourable especially for self-employed persons, who are planning to settle down in Europe and want to acquire a massive wealth. 

Hungarian entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to only have 9% corporation tax, which is one of the lowest on a world scale!

Regarding the self-employed, with health contribution, they are eligible to trade universally, under normal circumstances with a tax rate of only 5%! universally. Moreover as an allowance you will be often able to offer your services 27% cheaper than the actual market price!

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