Invest in Hungary

In Hungary not only the Eastern European high yield, but also the Western European consistency and certainty is given to make your investment safer.  

According to the latest national analysis the estimated average value of real estate has dramatically increased by 100% in the last five-year period (2014-2019). Buying into real estate is a reliable investment as it is a booming market in Hungary. 

You can also count on the prosperous market of short term rental besides the steady annual yield of property value, which may be as high as 20% a year! 

We offer a wide variety of properties in Budapest, including popular apartments in the city centre, houses for nature lovers in quiet neighbourhoods and the most exquisite penthouses and luxury mensions in downtown Buda


Invest in Hungary and choose from our services listed below:

1. Policy based investment opportunities

2. Security, predictability. These key words imply a stable investment in one of the EU

countries’ enterprises or institutions. The average yield on an investment is between 5 and 10%. 

3. Invest in startups or enterprises

we specialize in the following areas:

We believe that professional expertise matter a lot in business, therefore our collaborating partners will provide you with the best opportunites.

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